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Barth, J.R., Burkhart, S.S., De Beer, J.F.(2006) The bear-hug test: a new and sensitive test for diagnosing a subscapularis tear. The journal of arthroscopic and related surgery, 10, 1076-1084.Diagnostic accuracy studyQUADAS 11/140.40
Bartsch, M., Greiner, S., Haas, N.P., Scheibel, M.(2010) Diagnostic values of clinical tests for subscapularis lesions. Knee surgery, sports traumatology, arthroscopy: officiel journal of the ESSKA, 18(12), 1712-1717.Diagnostic accuracy studyQUADAS 9/140.80
Kibler, B. W., Sciascia, A.D., Hester, P., Dome, D., Jacobs, C. (2009). Clinical utility of traditional and new tests in the diagnosis of biceps tendon injuries and superior labrum anterior and posterior lesions in the shoulder. The American journal of sports medicine, 37, 1840-1847.Diagnostic accuracy studyQUADAS 8/140.31 (biceps injury)
0.15 (Labral injury)

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