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Cook, C., Beaty, S., Kissenberth, M.J., Siffri, P., Pill, S.G., Hawkins, R.J. (2012). Diagnostic accuracy of five clinical tests for diagnosis of superior labrum anterior posterior (SLAP) le-sions. Journal of shoulder and elbow surgery, 21 (1), 13-22.Diagnostic accuracy studyQuadas 12/140.51
Kim, S.H., Ha, K.I., Han, K.Y. (1999). Biceps load test: a clinical test for superior labrum anterior and posterior lesions in shoulders with recurrent anterior dislocations. American journal of sports medicine, 27 (3), 300-303.Diagnositc accuracy studyQuadas 11/140.97
Kim, S.H., Ha, K.I., Ahn, J.H., Kim, S.H., Choi, H.J. (2001). Biceps load test II: A clinical test for SLAP lesions of the shoulder. Arthroscopy, 17 (2), 160-164.Diagnostic accuracy studyQudas 10/140.97
Oh, J.H., Kim, J.Y., Kim, W.S., Gong, H.S., Lee, J.H. (2008). The evaluation of various physical examinations for the diagnosis of type II superior labrum anterior and posterior lesion. American journal of sports medicine, 36 (2), 353-359.Diagnostic accuracy studyQuadas 10/140.78

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